there is

scotty’s a super-awesome sort of guy who is trying to reinvent himself again but until then…
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Responsive Design

yes, I will be responding to all I learn, and I will be responding to you. Reach out.

Award Winning Quality

Although the last time that happened… makes the whole thing a little non-relevant

Video Tutorials

If I can see the demand, and I can myself ahead of the learning curve enough to be able, I would love to give you some tutorials for the little I know

Loaded With Goodies

My mother thought so anyway. Let’s decide there’s still time to not disappoint.

My Clients Love Me

In other words, it’s my friends who buy my stuff. Be my friend!
Design To Brag About

you’ll find it here first. My plan for this blog is to put everything I upload to any of my sites here first

Completely Customizable

All of my work is made from scratch by me, so if you want something special, just reach out

Loaded With Power

there’s a lot to be said for healthy self image, but maybe this is taking it too far

In-Depth Tutorial Videos

I mean they don’t exist yet, and until I get some help around here they will be slow in coming, but they’ll get here eventually

Clean Modern Art and Design

I mean this guy is nothing, if not cutting edge. I will be working completely in digital for the foreseeable future so how much more modern can you get.

Free Updates & Support

sure, why not. I will be here for you whenever you buy my stuff, but keep in mind that all the licensed products are not made or sent by me.

I hope you’ll come back when I am up and running, I promise I am on it. Date today 08/12/2018