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Working from the masterpieces series on Classic Demimatt – Estucado mate 250 g paper.
Heavy semi matte paper, with an excellent finish for capturing fine detail, printed at 350 dpi.
This very solid and opaque paper has been printed on both sides, so there is a secret bonus work available, if you wanted to turn the work around and see the other image.
Of course, as always, for the longest life of the product, please use a frame.
But if you choose to use a frame without mounting the work, then you can turn the paper in the frame, anytime you want a change. Of course, at these prices you can afford to buy two, so as to frame them both and have them both always.
This print size is easy to adapt for standard frames, such as those from IKEA.
You may find that some frames will require trimming. Many standard frames are for 30 X 40 (29 X 39 display)
The frames in this size available in IKEA range from the Fiskbo for 5 euros, Ribba for 7 and others up to 13 euros, or you could go up to another size and frame using a passpartout. Of course you also have many other options to frame this lovely work, ask your trusted framer.
It is also a poster material, so it could survive a long time without glass or plastic protection. At these prices, you can just buy a new one a few years into the future.

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    Salvator Mundi, attempted Masterpiece