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Working from the masterpieces series on Magistra Deluxe Blueback 120 g paper. This specialist paper has a lovely finish, and is especially durable. It has a solid blue colour backing, so as to help make a saturated print. It feels heavier than 120 but that is what it is rated at. This is printed at 150 dpi, for a superb finish.
Having said that it very durable, as always, for the longest life of the product, please use a frame. This print size is selected for standard frames, such as those from IKEA. The frames in this size available in IKEA range from the Fiskbo for 8 euros, Ribba for 15 and others up to 25 euros, or you could go up to another size and frame using a passpartout. Of course you also have many other options to frame this lovely work, ask your trusted framer.
It is also a poster material, so it could survive a long time without glass or plastic protection. At these prices, you can just buy a new one a few years into the future.

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    Salvator Mundi, attempted Masterpiece poster size